Why Work Remote?

More than a flexible schedule, it’s trust.

If you can get the job done, it doesn’t matter if you are in a boardroom or on a beach. Technology has allowed us (whether good or bad) to be connected in nearly every corner of the planet. But it has also allowed companies to find the best talent anywhere in the world.

For companies, it allows trust to exist between you and your employees. We all have been in a situation at work where we feel we can’t ask for time off, come in late or leave early for fear of what our manager would say or “think” about us. Parents find this particularly true, especially with family emergencies or just being able to leave the office early to make a soccer game. The same goes for ANY employee that needs to take a sick day, jet early for a doctor’s appointment or start the day later due to situations beyond their control.

Allowing a remote environment gives people the ability to truly live their lives in an integrated way vs a work / life balance cadence.

Remote Careers is a project put together by a group of people that have experienced the extreme benefits and joys of a remote career. We wanted to have a place where anyone can find a job they will love and be able to enjoy their lives ANYWHERE they need to be.

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